2 years and 50 shows later....

    By Tom Peschges

    The Double Down Daredevils were in Duluth this past weekend for the Cabin Fever Festival.  We played a set early on Saturday afternoon in the main ballroom.   A little while later a couple of us led an organized  "Singers Jam" which was a lot of fun.   Then we hung out, ate good food, drank good beer and played more music till midnight or so.  It's what we do.   This one was a little different.   Tim was traveling so Julie Kittleson stepped in and earned her "Daredevil" wings.   

This weekend marked the second anniversary for the Daredevils.  Most of us have known each other and played music together for longer than that but our first actual performance was two years ago, on April 9th.    Later this month, in Hastings MN, we will play our 50th show.    I was thinking about this today.   There are 6 of us now.  50 practices a year and roughly 25 shows a year.  Many of those shows are Festivals that involve camping together for an entire weekend.     Six, smart, funny creative, talented people sharing a passion for the music we love.  It really does create a magical connection, or at the very least  deep and satisfying friendships.    I will do this as long as I am able and the rest of them will have me.    No doubt someday Nathan or Brin will come to visit me in "the home" and I'll say  "Remember that time at SEMBA when we had to get up and do a Gospel set at 9 am ???"  (I could barely talk, much less sing!)    Good times