Awesome Winter Bluegrass Weekend

So much fun and excitement this past weekend at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Plymouth.  The Daredevils performed Friday night, 6 pm on the main stage.   Check out this video:  Harrisburg with Nathan doing some of his very best work on the guitar!     The best part of these festivals is the friends you make.  We meet up with friends, many of whom we met at earlier festivals and often only see at festivals, but they become like family.   We eat, drink laugh and play our music for and with them all weekend long usually well into the night   (Saturday I finally gave in at 3:30 am   Not a personal record but close)   The friendships  I've made through music have easily been some of the best and most meaningful in my life and I know this experience is not unique to me.  It's a refrain you hear over and over again among musicians.   Check out some of the festivals offered by the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association.  Come and see for yourself   Here a link to the MBOTMA website  Here is the link:   We'll see you around the campfire !