Farewell to David (Satire)

The Daredevils have sad news to report. We have lost our beloved banjo player, David Smith. 


It happened late one night as we were on our way back from a late gig in Rochester and stopped at a gas station. Everyone thought he was just sleeping in the back but too late, it was discovered we had apparently left him behind in the mens room of a Super America in Zumbrota. He eventually made it home and came to practice the next Thursday but he said he couldn’t play with us anymore. Something about “trust issues” 

None of that is true and you know it, I’m just having a little fun with David, as I often do. He’s a fun guy to have fun with. David is however, no longer with the Daredevils. The truth is that between his real job, and his other very successful bluegrass band, “Blue Groove” He was just stretched too thin. So while we miss him being a weekly part of the group, he will still fill in with us sometimes and we will continue to be friends and jam buddies just as we always have. We wish him and all of our pals in Blue Groove, continued success and happiness. And we want to thank you David for all of your contributions to the Daredevils success and we will carry them forward for as long as we perform together. On stage or off, you’ll always be “one of us”