What a whirlwind couple of weeks!

Wow, the Daredevils have been busy these last few weeks!    The Brews and Bluegrass sort of Mini-Festival at Flat Earth Brewery was a huge success.  Lots of Fun with that crowd.    Then Sunday the 11th, we performed for the Chili Hubub in Oakdale.  Raising money for The Christian Cupboard Food Shelf.   

Saturday March 17th We returned to one of our fav's  Kinney Creek Brewery in Rochester.   Kind of a tight space of 6 of us but we celebrated St Paddies Day with a rollicking good time!    This turned into one of those gigs that went from fun to funny somewhere around the 3rd set.   Everybody cut loose, lots of laughs were had.    There may have been alcohol involved.   If you weren't there you missed a good time!   If you were there, Thanks for coming out!