Wow Summer is going fast!

Seems like just last week I wrote a blog entitled, "Summer is finally here! "   Now it seems like Summer is almost gone!     The Daredevils were on the main stage at the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association Festival last weekend for two shows.   This was yet another milestone for us in what seemed at times, to be an improbable journey.   We started this band less than 3 years ago, with the goal of "someday" playing at the Minnesota Homegrown Kick-off Festival  (A much smaller MBOTMA festival)    At the time, the Main Stage at the August Festival seemed unlikely for a group of guys in thier 50's and 60's and yet, here we are - Killin' it!   It was exciting, it was fun, it was gratifying in a dozen different ways.   

Having achieved much of what we originally set out to do, I have spent a little time lately thinking about  "Whats next?"     Momentum seems to be building for a CD project.  That is probably going to be the next big thing but it's still just in the "thinking about it" stage right now.    

For the moment we are finishing up our Festival Season with 4 sets at the Southeast Minnesota Bluegrass Association (SEMBA) festival is Houston MN this weekend.   We will be under the lights on the outdoor stage Saturday night - that's going to be cool!   Then the Pioneer park Bluegrass Festival in Cameron WI September 8-9.    Then we take a little breather, get reacquainted with our spouses and get some fall vacations out of the way.    Back in October with a series of local gigs.    Fun Times