SEMBA! What a Blast!


So the Daredevils were in Houston MN over the weekend at the South East Minnesota Bluegrass Association (SEMBA) festival!     We have been preparing for this festival for months!   We had an aggressive performance schedule of 5 shows and a…

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The Hastings Arts Center

So last Saturday was the Hastings Hootenany.  And what a hoot it was.    4 venues  all within Walking distance of each other in downtown Hastings, with  a different band or performer in each one, every half hour!.   The Daredevils weren't…Read more

Going Back to Kinney Creek!

Going back to Kinney Creek - almost sounds like a song title doesn't it?    So the Daredevils head back to Kinney Creek Friday May 5th - Yep, Cinco de Mayo.  It's also the release date for one of Kinney Creeks…Read more

Cabin Fever Festival

The Daredevils were in Duluth last weekend for the Cabin Fever Festival!   Always a good time in Duluth.   The festival is held at the Radisson Harborview.  There is a lot of jamming that happens at this particular festival but I…Read more

Chilli Hubub!

It was Daredevils Lite at the Chili Hubub this year, and it was cold but man did we have fun!   Great set with just Tom, Tim and Brin.  This is an awesome event with Chili and Mac and Cheese prepared…Read more

Another Amazing Festival in the Books

We just got back from the Winter Bluegrass Weekend at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Plymouth.    The Daredevils played a 35 minute Showcase set on Friday night and the rest of the weekend was all about watching other stage shows…Read more

Break's Over!

by - Tom Peschges

Okay, so not much for public performances in January or February for that matter, but the guys have been busy.  Between winter vacations and family obligations, we went almost 3 weeks without a practice night which…Read more

A Band of Singers

by Tom Peschges

So we had our first practice of 2017 last night and by all indications this year is going to be amazing!    We have shifted gears, changing from the grind of preparing for performances to working up new…Read more

2016 - What an amazing year!

by: Tom Peschges

Well 2016 is just about over and what a year it has been for the Daredevils!   Our group didn't even exist as a 5 piece group at the beginning of the year.  This video was one of…Read more

Harvest Jam 2016 is in the Books!

What a GREAT weekend.    One end to the other it was non stop excitement for us.  We got a few candid shots of us in the last minute rehearsal before the show.   That's the one where everything you've been practicing…Read more

Harvest Jam!

Man, exciting things just keep happening!   Didn't see this one coming either!     The Double Down Daredevils have been invited to play Saturday night, on the main stage at Harvest Jam!    We'll be on from 8 to 9 pm, yes, we…Read more