2016 - What an amazing year!

by: Tom Peschges

Well 2016 is just about over and what a year it has been for the Daredevils!   Our group didn't even exist as a 5 piece group at the beginning of the year.  This video was one of the first times we were all together.  It was March 12th

Since that time, and this seems unbelievable to me, we have played 20 shows, including a band contest at the Minnesota State Fair, and opening for the national touring band "Breaking Grass" which was headlining the Saturday night at MBOTMA's Harvest Jam!   We played our own show at the Hobgoblin Music Loft and a backyard burger cookout in a thunderstorm, celebrated a couple of birthdays in the band with a big bash at Kinney Creek Brewery in Rochester.   Sometimes it feels like we are riding a rocket.   We literally have done things,we thought it would take years to get into.  It's been a great ride so far and the best part is:   We're just getting warmed UP!

This band has been so much fun we often joke that we could forget about performing and just practice and it would still be worth doing.  My bandmates are smart, talented, fun people.  The kind of guys you want to go have a beer with -- and we do that, pretty much every week!!   The group philosophy has been from the start  "We are Friends First!   We try really hard to let small stuff be small stuff.   We play music we love and put our passion on display at every show.     We love working up new material including a small but growing list of originals and we are working on some we can't wait to play for you!     See you in 2017!