A Band of Singers

by Tom Peschges

So we had our first practice of 2017 last night and by all indications this year is going to be amazing!    We have shifted gears, changing from the grind of preparing for performances to working up new material which is always exciting for any band.       Understand that we are a very young band, still less than a year old (but not for long)   One of the things we have discovered about ourselves as a group, is that we all love to sing.  So we have 5 guys, and in any given show you will hear all 5 of us singing both lead and harmony parts in a formidable array of vocal combinations.   It's like a kaleidoscope of vocal harmonies from one song to the next.   Factor in a songlist that ranges from very traditional Bluegrass to Americana to Celtic and Gospel, many including significant A Cappella parts as well and we can only hope you will be as excited to hear our show as we are to be presenting it.   As Brin put it last night  "We are a band of singers"   This is going to be FUN!