Next Week!!

By Tom Peschges

It's only a Week away!   Our show at the Hastings Arts Center  Saturday June 24th, 7 pm.    We were there a couple days ago for a technical sound check.   You just can't believe the acoustics in this former church.   WOW!    Almost like we wouldn't even need a sound system they are soooo good!    The perfect venue for us to try out our new Mic configuration.   We are going to be all gathered around a single condenser microphone.  (It's the Bluegrass Way)  Creates a warmer, more natural  "acoustic" sound and allows us to not only hear each other better but to see each other as well which helps a lot when singing in close harmony.     It's a lot less work for the sound guy too :)   

We also discovered that, in addition to awesome acoustics, the Hastings Arts Center will offer a cash bar at the event!!   ( We've been told we sound better after you've had a few  LOL )