SEMBA! What a Blast!


So the Daredevils were in Houston MN over the weekend at the South East Minnesota Bluegrass Association (SEMBA) festival!     We have been preparing for this festival for months!   We had an aggressive performance schedule of 5 shows and a workshop we presented over 3 days. More than 50 songs with only maybe 1 or 2 repeats.    The weather was cold and rainy and it idn't matter, we had a blast!   Really.  Such good people.   SEMBA is a small festival, perhaps only a couple hundred people.  But I can honestly say I've never had a more attentive and appreciative audience.  The whole thing took place in a pole shed.  The food was awesome!   We brought a bunch of camping food and took most of it home with us again.  It really felt like a big family reunion.   They treated us like royalty

And then there was the music!   The Roe Family Singers, Singleton Street, The Baker Family, The Grass Run Band and The Wildwood Valley Boys !    Great lineup!   All in all a great weekend!