Playing in Red Wings Living Room

3 years ago, about the time we started this band actually, I made it a goal to play on this stage.   Check another one off the bucket list !!  We played the Central Park Bandshell... what we like to call Red Wings Living Room, last night as part of the Red Wing Arts Association Summer Concert Series. And it was every bit as much fun as I'd hoped it would be.    Great audience  (we are guessing 350 or so?)   and we had the absolute best weather all summer.   Low 70's no humidity and no bugs.   I couldn't have ordered it any better.    We played for almost 2 hours with a very short  break and I could have kept going..  It was the kind of show.that reminds you why you do this.   Professional sound by Mike Murphy.  The band was "on it"  Tim actually set his bass amp on fire.....  No literally, smoke and everything.     It's now 24 hours latter and I still want to grab  my guitar and run back out there.    Too much Fun !