Tim Wankel

Tim comes from a musical family from the center of North Dakota. He sang in school and church choirs since he was 10. He joined a country/50's band during his senior year of school. He created his own band "Wild River" in the late 70's playing country and blues. In 1979 he joined a touring 3 piece rock band working full time as a broke musician, by 1985 that group folded and he tried playing with some other groups in the local scene butĀ could not find the passion, quit performing altogether, sold everything.

He discovered the bluegrass community in Minnesota in 2011, and their welcoming membership and the strong reliance on the vocal performance revived him. He has been playing bluegrass ever since. Tim was drafted into Double Down Daredevils to play bass. Tim is a proficient arranger and plays many stringed instruments.