Our Story

The Double Down Daredevils came about when Tom Peschges and Nathan Fjeld met at a Minnesota Bluegrass Festival.  Both were camped at the Double Down camping area and met jamming around the campfire.  They became jam buddies and soon after good friends.   At one of the festivals, Tom suggested they put together a band from their camping friends and take a slot at the Festival Open Mic Stage.   Some of the regulars were a little stage shy, but with Tim Wankel on bass, they signed up and needing a name, Tom -who has always been overly enamored by the allure of alliteration- dubbed them,  the Double Down Daredevils!

Nathan and Tom would go on to perform as a duo in small cafe’s for a year or two, crafting a song list and refining their signature harmonies.   But with just 2 guitars and no other instruments, it didn’t take long for the guys to want a more complete bluegrass sound, with - you know - actual bluegrass instruments and everything.   Says Tom “We’d always talked about starting a bluegrass band, and finally, late in 2015 we got serious.”  The desire for a bigger sound and a bigger stage reached a critical mass.  Tom recalls; “I remember the conversation clearly, Nathan said “do you think we’re ready? And I said yeah, let’s go for it”    

The first hurdle was settling on a Bass player.   Tim Wankel had helped us out at festival open mics and had been a jam buddy for a long time.  He had been a professional Bassist in his younger days and was more than qualified.   To be honest says Tom “ Tim being a multi-instrumentalist, we didn’t know if he would be happy playing bass all the time, but he knew our set list and he was rock solid so we asked and happily for us he agreed!”   Also contributing to 3 and 4 part harmonies, bringing Tim fully into the band was a GREAT decision

Several years ago, Tom went to a semi-private party where his brother in law was playing.   That was where Tom first met Brin Petersen.   Brin, who was then and still does play mandolin with the Moss Piglets, was totally impressive right out of the gate.  So when Tom and Nathan started thinking about finding a Mandolin player Tom said “It’s probably a moon shot but I want to ask Brin”    As it turned out, the stars aligned and Brin had some time in his schedule,  He came and listened to us and somehow agreed to become the 4th Daredevil anyway!   Turns out, in addition to being a monster mandolin player  Brin is also a great singer and songwriter with a wicked sense of humor… BONUS!

The group philosophy is pretty simple.  We are friends first!    We play music we love.  Music we are excited about.  We put our passion on display every time we are on stage.  We have fun!   

Our music is our own blend of traditional bluegrass standards with Americana covers  and heartfelt originals served with a hearty helping of our signature harmonies.