Our Story

The Double Down Daredevils, like many Minnesota Bluegrass bands, met at a MBOTMA festival in 2015.     During late night campfire jams, Tom, Nathan and Tim formed the friendship that would later become the band.    Born out of a love for traditional bluegrass, our group now includes 6 performers including Brin Petersen, Phil Nusbaum and Mary Ellen Fox..  As we each brought our diverse backgrounds to the bands soundscape, the focus has expanded to a mix of traditional and progressive Bluegrass, Country and Americana

Over the years we have played more than 100 shows.  Not bad for a part time band (in a pandemic).   We've enjoyed playing for a wide variety of audiences across Minnesota and Wisconsin including the MBOTMA Main stage,  SEMBA and many other festivals.  We have been featured on Prairie Public TV's Grassland Jam and Med City Live in Rochester and the Around the Mic series on Hastings Community TV.  We recently had the pleasure of opening for Mile 12 at the Minnesota Bluegrass Winter Bluegrass Weekend and for the Gibson Brothers at the Cedar Cultural Center.

We are a band of singers.  With 5 singers in the group we have an extraordinary variety of lead vocalists and combinations of harmony singers in an ever-expanding song list including many originals.   The current lineup includes 4 published songwriters.    As much as we love performing, we also love developing arrangements for our songs, using dynamics to create moods and textures that bring the audience into the performance..  We have as much fun in rehearsal as we do on stage, and maybe more!

Our current CD project entitled  "It Wasn't About The Money" was created during the covid lockdowns and is near completion mid 2022.    This 14 track full album will feature 10 original songs!