Songs We Cover

A Better Game
Ballad of St Anne's Reel  
Carolina Wind
Catfish John
Coming Home
Cry Softly
Cumberland Sound 
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind   
Drinvin' On
Dying for Someone to Live For 
Everybody Needs a Buddy
Father's House
Fox on the Run
Galway Girl
Get Me Gone
Ginseng Sullivan  
Gone, Gone, Gone 
Highway 40 Blues  
Hometown Blues    
Hurtin' Inside
LA Freeway  
Lonely Quit Knocking on my Door
Lost River
Never See My Home Again
Nowhere to Sleep  
Old Home Place    
One Raindrop  
Other Side of the Mountain
Return to Windy Mountain
Salt Spring
Simple Life
Sometimes She Forgets  
Tear My Still House Down  
Tennessee Mountain Girl
Tom Ames Prayer
Tune of a Twenty Dollar Bill
Two Hearts Down
Two Highways
Western Skies 
Whiskey In the Jar 
Whistles on the train
Why You Been Gone So Long 
You Were on my Mind This Morning


Gospel Music

Gospel and Bluegrass go hand in hand.  When booking festivals we are often asked to provide a Gospel Set for Sunday morning.   These are the current Gospel songs in our catalog

  1. Hallelujia I'm Ready to Go
  2. Thanksgiving Day
  3. Where The Soul of Man Never Dies
  4. When I'm Gone
  5. I'm All Prayed Up
  6. Father's House
  7. I am the Man Thomas
  8. Ring The Bell
  9. There In Heaven
  10. River of Jordan
  11. Over in the Gloryland
  12. Keep On the Sunny Side
  13. Little Mountain Church House


We have a growing list of original songs written by various members of the band.  

  1. She's Not Here - Brin Petersen
  2. That Minnesota Song - Tom Peschges
  3. Jammin' in Jamaica - Tom Peschges
  4. Home - Brin Petersen
  5. Minnesota Morning - Tom Peschges
  6. The Ballad of Larry Lee - Tom Peschges
  7. Moville to Red Oak - Phil Nusbaum
  8. Thanksgiving Day - Nathan Fjeld
  9. Love at the Farmers Market - Tom Peschges
  10. Morning Sun - Tom Peschges
  11. The Ballad of Henry Plummer - Tom Peschges
  12. Worn Out Welcome - Brin Petersen
  13. The Sun is Gonna Shine - Brin Petersen
  14. Every Line - Nathan and Deb Fjeld, Brin Petersen
  15. Grandma's Old Love Letters   Nathan and Deb Fjeld
  16. Raymond Avenue Breakdown - Phil Nusbaum