Cabin Fever Festival

The Daredevils were in Duluth last weekend for the Cabin Fever Festival!   Always a good time in Duluth.   The festival is held at the Radisson Harborview.  There is a lot of jamming that happens at this particular festival but I think my favorite this weekend was the hallway jam on Friday night.   The acoustics where we were were  just amazing.  Couldn't have designed it any better I don't think.   It actually started out as a rehearsal for our set Saturday morning show  but people kept coming by to listen or play along.   It was magic!   

The other "moment" was seeing our friends The High 48's !    Now understand, I've seen the High 48's before... many times.   I can finish most of their jokes for them... and I had even seen their afternoon set earlier that day.    So Nathan and I decided we would stay for a little bit of their evening set and then go play in the halls.   We ended up staying for the entire set we were so mesmerized by these guys.   They are all amazing musicians and really nice guys to boot!  

We also decided to take advantage of the nice weather and try to get some promo pictures of the band.  With my wife Cindi behind the camera we got a lot of fun pictures.  Brin cleaning them up in photoshop and they should be out soon but here's a raw sample