From the recording It Wasn't About the Money

Written by Nathan and Deb Fjeld


Sorting through the memories of a life of 80 years
Remembering a lifetime, fighting back the tears.
Packing up her dresses, shawls and hand made sweaters
We found a hidden treasure it was Grandma’s old love letters.

Letters to his sweetheart became letters to his wife
Faded lines of love so true and lonely army life.
There wasn’t always much to say, but love filled every line.
Grandma’s old love letters from another place and time.


But there’ll be no old love letters any more.
No secrets to be found hidden in a dresser drawer.
If we don’t write our love a letter, for them to hold so dear
Grandma’s old love letters will all but disappear.

At the bottom of each letter, in Grandpa’s practiced hand
Five little letters, we couldn’t understand.
We finally found the line, the code was all their own.
All he really wanted was to Run Like Hell For Home.

Chorus 2x

Yes, Grandma’s old love letters, will all but disappear