1. Home

From the recording It Wasn't About the Money

Written by Brin Petersen


When it ain’t raining I’ve been workin’ hard
Feeding mosquitoes out there in the yard
Crazy this year how the flowers bloomed
I think they sense their own impending doom

The neighbors bought some kind of pollywog
To add to their collection of brainless dogs
They still go apeshit at 6 AM
Amazes me nobody’s poisoned them

And baby I miss you so much
It cuts my heart open
About every hour or two
All those nights I laid up
You know I just kept hopin’
The sun would rise and I’d be over you
But hope got bored and walked out of the room

I got into raising butterflies
Cuz even I can keep a caterpillar alive
But they’ve all fluttered off to someplace warm
The bugs are on vacation, I’m still stuck at home

The dripping faucets and the leaky sink
The room some jackass painted shocking pink
The busted handles on the cupboard doors
A smart guy would’ve fixed all these things years before

They call it real estate but it don’t seem real
All this talk of equity and curb appeal
I step outside, the neighbors look away
Guess none of us knows what the hell to say


Home was any house that you were in
Don’t know if I’ll ever have a home again