1. A Better Game

From the recording It Wasn't About the Money


Another lonely night in the middle, Of this east Kentucky town
I'm packed and gone before I see the moon
I've played the game of life so long, Can't wait another day
What's kept me here, god I wish I knew

Took way too many chances, Never rolled the dice and won
Odds were stacked against me every time
Heard the queen of hearts is out there, Never held her in my hand
I'll bet she can't satisfy my weary mind

I've played the game nobody likes to lose
Shackled up here tangled up in blues
Odds are I won't ever beat the pain
Gotta find myself a better game

300 miles of highway, Till I hit the Georgia line
I'm in the wind, I'll keep on rolling thru
When the sun comes up tomorrow, I done made up my mind
Gonna rest a while then bet on something new