From the recording It Wasn't About the Money

Written by Tom Peschges


The Dawn breaks crisp and clear, it gives our home a golden morning glow
The sky is the deepest shade of blue against the newly fallen snow,
Two squirrels chase each other in the branches above a pair of white tailed deer
It would be a perfect Minnesota Morning if only you were here

Every tree in sight is flocked with the brightest, white fluffy snow
Seeing this you might forget that Christmas was 2 months ago
Sometimes amid such beauty you might forget that outside it’s 20 below
I don’t mind a cold Minnesota Morning, as long as you are home

I hope your having a good time up in Calgary.
I have always heard that Alberta is a beautiful place to be
And I know it’s just a few more days and you’ll come home to me
I love you and I’m missing you on this cold and lonely Minnesota Morning

I’m going through the motions of my day the details so mundane
The cat ate his breakfast, and then somehow, a decent share of mine
I know it’s just a few more days and really babe I don’t mean to complain
But I’m living for that Minnesota Morning, when you’re in my arms again