From the recording It Wasn't About the Money

Written by Tom Peschges


I saw the Sunrise this morning from 36,000 feet
This Delta jet is gonna carry me to where I can feel some heat
I left Minnesota at 5 am all frozen and buried in snow
I'm trading all of that for the sun and the surf and the sand between my toes

My bags were packed a week ago they've been sittin there by the door
I've been waiting so long anticipating I just can't wait any more
There's Pina Colada's awaiting for me they're oh so cold and sweet
and My guitar sounds so much better when I'm playin it on the beach

And I'll be Jammin in Jamaica, I'll sail around St Maarten.
Hit the beaches in the Bahamas do little work on my tan
Theres a party in Puerto Rico, that's one happy island
If it's winter in Minnesota, you'll find me in the carribean

I'll watch the sunset this evening rolling gently through the swells
The ocean whispers to me and I love the stories she tells
of adventures under billowed sails and treasure beneath the foam
I've never been further from the northern prairies and I've never felt more at home