From the recording It Wasn't About the Money

Written by Tom Peschges


The Ballad of Larry Lee

Growing up fast in a little farm town I was ready to have some fun
I’d been working hard, baling hay all day out in the hot summer sun
Some guys I knew had a keg of beer at a place just north of town
Dad knew before I left the house that’s where I was bound

There's a guy I’d never seen before, sittin’ up on some old car.
A crowd gathered round him. He was drinking a beer and playing his guitar
Everybody there thought he was cool, all the girls especially
I thought that’s the guy I’d want to be. Somebody said his name was Larry Lee

And he’d sing Rollin in my Sweet Babys Arms.
Good Hearted Woman and the Ballad of 50 cents
Sometimes he’d get paid to play, Sometimes he’d play for free
But he always played for fun. That’s my buddy Larry Lee

I went home and grabbed my sisters old plywood sears guitar
The strings were old and stiff they set my tender fingertips right on fire.
I got Larry to show me how to play and he took me under his wing
He winked and said first thing you learn is how to tune that thing!

I gave it everything I had, played for hours every day
Larry showed me all these little tips and tricks and chords and licks along the way
Then he asked me to play in his band you know that was my reward
After months of pain and agony, I’d finally learned to play that damn F Chord


Now Larry taught me more than merely how to sing and play
In more ways than he knows he helped make me the man I am today
I was just a kid looking for someone to look up to
And I gotta tell you Larry, I’m sure glad that I met you.

30 some odd years had passed when we circled back around
We played a little reunion show at the legion club in my old hometown.
Now I’ve played a lot of bigger shows and I have had a lot of fun
But singing again with Larry Lee was the best I’d ever done.