From the recording It Wasn't About the Money

Written by Tom Peschges


The Minnesota Song

Spring time has come to my home in Minnesota
The pelicans have returned to Lake Shetek
Just like them I know that no matter where I roam
My home will always be in Minnesota

Fishing season starts now in just a couple weeks
It always seems to land on Mothers Day
There’s Wild asparagus growing in the ditches outside of town
And there’s Rhubarb Pie at the Chatterbox Café

I’ve seen mountains I’ve seen deserts
I’ve gone swimming in the Carribean
Picked peaches down in Georgia once or twice
I’ve seen the Cherry Blossoms in DC and that BIG Montana Sky
But my home will always be in Minnesota

Summer time is hot at my home on the Prairie
That’s okay we’ll cool off by the lake
The Minnesota Twins are back at Target Field
You know win or lose they’ll always be my team

Labor Day weekend now is just around the corner
We’ll have a Pronto Pup and ride the Ferris Wheel.
One more trip up north to the cabin with the kids
Then we’ll close it up and send ‘em on back to school


Autumn in the Northland is a season to behold
As Green Leaves turn to vivid Red and Gold
We’ll go for a hayride and sing songs around a campfire
A few more times before the winds blow cold


Wintertime has come to my home in Minnesota
It’s Cold!
No ones ever died they say from a case of cabin fever
I’m just no longer willing to take the chance

I’ll go see….Chorus x2