Boy do we love playing at Hobgoblin Music !

Well the 3rd Annual  show at Hobgoblin Music Loft is now behind us. Located in a converted barn, there is just something about that place that always makes for a great show.   We had a bigger audience than we were expecting, given the weather.   Gary and Eve Stone, the owners, were as welcoming and helpful as ever and the acoustics are, well just amazing.  It's just a great place to play and hear live music!    If you have never been, I hope you will take the opportunity one day soon.     

We have a 30 minute set at a benefit for our friend Gary Cobus next weekend and then  Flat Earth Brewing in St Paul on December 8th and that's it for this year.   Wow, that went by fast.   Come to think of it, 3 years has gone by so quickly.    The Daredevils have covered a lot of ground.  We have played many of the venues we thought were "someday maybe" kind of goals and we keep rolling along.  We are already into the planning process for 2019 and it's going to be exciting!   Stay Tuned