So then THIS happened!

You might recall a few weeks ago, I posted about getting rained out at the Farmers Market in Red Wing.   We went inside the Depot and played on because that's what we came to do and we love doing it.   Well, The Depot in Red Wing is home to the Red Wing Arts Association.... which among many other things they do, they put on the Summer concert series in the Central Park Bandshell.   If you go back far enough on my Facebook page you'll find this picture along with the statement that I would like to play this venue "someday"     Kind of a bucket list thing for me.    Well as fate would have it, the Director of the RW Arts Association happened to be in her office and heard us singing outside.    Seems we were auditioning and didn't even know it.      We will be playing Red Wings Central Park Bandshell August 2, 2017..     Is that cool or what?
Now for this other place I would like to play  "Someday"   :)